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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Count Blessings, Not Pennies

It’s been two board meetings now, with no blog to show for it. Sorry. I haven’t decided if lack of blog means I’m too lazy or too busy. Either way, the meetings have been fine and if you want the full report thereof, just follow the links to the official meeting minutes.

It’s been a tough week for our community what with the financial double-whammy bad news from both Boise Cascade and Governor Kulongoski. St. Helens has been a mill town for nearly a century and it’s sad to see that change and to witness the effects on so many local families. Of course it was all over the news, reporters with pity in their voices. We don't want pity. We want paychecks. No doubt this is a most difficult situation, but don’t count St. Helens out… And then there was the governor’s money news. Is the state’s abysmal budget really a surprise considering the financial hits we’ve all taken in the last year? The numbers keep changing, but regardless it equals likely budget cuts in the district this year and certainly for next year.

So while we’re pinching pennies remember to count some blessings, too – we’ve got more of those than pennies anyway.

Happy Thanksgiving!