"God must love the common man, He made so many of them..." Abraham Lincoln

Friday, May 25, 2012

Memorial Day Memories

Lewisville, Idaho, is near and dear to my heart.
This little spot on the map was founded in 1882 by some intrepid pioneers, including 2 of my
several-greats-back grandfathers - Richard F. Jardine and Edmund Ellsworth.

Perhaps one of my most favorite places in this corner of the world is the Lewisville Cemetery.

When I was a kid, the whole extended family used to gather there every Memorial Day.
Everyone pitched in to decorate the graves with large bouquets of flowers.
No florist arrangements, we just brought what was blooming in the yard.

 Sweet reminiscences, funny tales, and Kleenex were generously passed around.

It sounds odd, but I love that cemetery. Some of my beloved are there.

This headstone belongs to Vilate and Elizabeth Young.
The were the oldest daughters of Brigham Young and his first wife, Miriam.
Elizabeth is my 3rd-great grandmother. She was married to Edmund Ellsworth.
She was quite a gal - courageous, outspoken, intelligent and strong.
Elizabeth and Edmund led the first handcart pioneers across the plains.
I'd like to imagine myself like her, only far more sedentary. 

Eldon and Zoe McLing were my mother's parents. And the finest grandparents in the universe.
Grandma and Grandpa didn't always like each other, but they always loved us grandkids.
Grandma taught me how to make rolls, enjoy books, and play cards.
Grandpa taught me how to fish for trout, mix up paint, and how to cheat at cards.
So many memories...

My mom, who I miss every day.
Her spaghetti was divine, but her chili...not so much.
She adored Joe Namath, Clint Eastwood, and Dad.
Mom was genuinely artistic and frequently sarcastic.
So many more memories...

By the way, she loved her little dogs - sometimes way more than she loved us kids.
I get it now.

Happy Memorial Day!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Happy Anniversary!

Mom & Dad's Wedding Rings

My parents got married on April 10, 1964, so that would make today their 48th wedding anniversary.  I wish we were all together to celebrate. Mom passed away in 1999, so special family days like this are poignant.

Mom kept a diary for much of her life, and so today I thought I would share her entries from a few past anniversaries. By was of explanation, getting hamburgers was a big deal and Dad could fix anything.

Wednesday, April 10, 1974: Our 10th anniversary. Dale stayed home today to shingle and it snowed. We went shopping for a few minutes after I got my hair done. Fixed lunch and shopped again. Went to Primary and had a horrible time with one of the girls in my class. Bought a pizza and came home.

Thursday, April 10, 1975: Our 11th anniversary. Folks came down. Gave us each $5 and 2 pink carnations. Dale bought hamburgers.

Saturday, April 10, 1976: Our 12th anniversary. Dale actually gave me a necklace, a cake plate, and a planter. Wasn't the lamp I asked for, but at least he remembered the day. Dale fixed Aunt Mary's washer.

Easter Sunday, April 10, 1977: Our 13th anniversary. I fixed dinner. Folks and Aunt Mary came. Dale gave me another pink goblet to add to the set and 4 red glasses for another set. Gave him a suitcase.

Monday, April 10, 1978: Our 14th anniversary. Dale stayed home to do his term paper. I got it typed. Went out for dinner and got things ready for Relief Society tomorrow. Dale gave me another pink goblet and I gave him $10.

Tuesday, April 10, 1979: Our 15th anniversary. Hope we can have lots more. Folks tended kids and Dale and I went to the temple. Went out to dinner. He gave me the stainless I asked for and I gave him briefcase folders.

Thursday, April 10, 1980: Our 16th anniversary. Doesn't seem possible. Dale took vacation today and we went out for breakfast. He fixed the washer. Parts were $20. Also trimmed the tree in back. Snowed off and on all day. Went to the Bonneville Hotel for dinner. Dale gave me a small portable black and white TV. Couldn't believe it! Love it!

Friday, April 10, 1981: Our 17th anniversary. They have been such good years. I'm so grateful. Pray our lives together can continue. Dale stayed home and worked all morning on his class. I did my hair. We had hamburgers for lunch. Dale took me to the Bonneville Hotel for dinner.

It's hard to see, but their initials are engraved inside the gold band.

Happy Anniversary!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Doggie Day at Work

Today was the official 'Take Your Dog to Work' day!  Annie was very excited -- up early and ready to go.  Her bag was packed with doggie jerky, a pink collapsible water dish and poo baggies.  Other necessities included a comfy bed and good doggie manners.  After all, the workplace is supposed to be civilized.

The face says it all -- the @#$% phone just won't stop ringing today.

I agree with Annie -- it's too hard to work when there are birds and deer to watch from the window.

So, all in all, 'Take Your Dog to Work Day' was a success.  It was nice to work WITH a dog instead of working LIKE a dog.  Maybe Annie can persuade the powers-that-be to do this more often...

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Office First Aid Kit

Can you tell what kind of week it has been? Work can be stressful enough, but mix all the normal craziness up with ugly politics, stir in a heaping helping of uncertainty… and voila! Suddenly the collective blood pressure of the office is enough to launch the space shuttle. Time to break out the Office First Aid Kit – chocolate with a diet Coke chaser.

You know, this really could be a million dollar idea. Just think of it – first aid kits featuring comfort foods. Band aids? Check! Ointment? Check! Chicken noodle soup? Check and double check! Perhaps the kits could be arranged by ailment instead. Nausea? Saltines and 7up. Sore throat? Hot lemonade with honey. In-laws? Devil’s food cake.

So what kind of first aid kit could fix what’s going on at work? My mom would know. She was a first-class first aid foodie. If anyone in the neighborhood was sick or afflicted, Mom was there with the perfect meal to make everyone feel better. Honestly, her spaghetti could cause world peace. Hey, maybe that’s what I should do! Spaghetti for the local warring political factions, followed by, what else, angel food cake. Of course, there would be chocolates and diet Coke for all.

Yep, a food first aid kit. It is a million dollar idea, so kindly keep your hands off of it. If the politics don’t cool down, I will be unemployed and in need of that kind of cash. But in the meantime, the office first aid essentials can be found in the bottom drawer of my desk – help yourself.

Friday, February 25, 2011


What grows faster than the laundry pile?  No, really...what does?  Kudzu?  Blackberry vines?  Kids?  Well, since the pile grows so fast, doing a load or two of laundry every day is the modus operandi.  And it is so nice to have helpers when it comes to folding hot, straight-from-the-dryer towels...
Seriously, I only turned my back for a second before these two "helpers" were right there.  Gee, thanks.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Girl Scout Cookies

What do you get when you combine one office full of cookie-loving women with one cookie-selling Girl Scout?  You get exactly what you ordered!  Honestly, it was just like a holiday today when our office cookie order was delivered.

So this was my order.  Samoas because can't go wrong with the perennial favorite.  The lemon cremes are so good that really I can't be trusted with more than one box.  The berry cookies, as demonstrated by the open top, were delicious.

Yep, it was a holiday -- right there at my desk.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Resolution Time

Well, whaddya know…’tis the season once again for making those pesky New Year’s resolutions.

Growing up, Mom would encourage me to set out some goals for the year. Good grades, a clean room, and no fighting with my brothers constituted the usual and customary list. I was usually pretty good at keeping those resolutions, too – right up to January 3rd. As an adult, my annual resolutions have nearly always included losing weight and exercising more. And I do great – right up to January 3rd. Oh well. I just do resolutions my way. In honor of my fine make-it-and-break-it resolution tradition, enjoy these…

Happy New Year's resolutions, everybody!