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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Office First Aid Kit

Can you tell what kind of week it has been? Work can be stressful enough, but mix all the normal craziness up with ugly politics, stir in a heaping helping of uncertainty… and voila! Suddenly the collective blood pressure of the office is enough to launch the space shuttle. Time to break out the Office First Aid Kit – chocolate with a diet Coke chaser.

You know, this really could be a million dollar idea. Just think of it – first aid kits featuring comfort foods. Band aids? Check! Ointment? Check! Chicken noodle soup? Check and double check! Perhaps the kits could be arranged by ailment instead. Nausea? Saltines and 7up. Sore throat? Hot lemonade with honey. In-laws? Devil’s food cake.

So what kind of first aid kit could fix what’s going on at work? My mom would know. She was a first-class first aid foodie. If anyone in the neighborhood was sick or afflicted, Mom was there with the perfect meal to make everyone feel better. Honestly, her spaghetti could cause world peace. Hey, maybe that’s what I should do! Spaghetti for the local warring political factions, followed by, what else, angel food cake. Of course, there would be chocolates and diet Coke for all.

Yep, a food first aid kit. It is a million dollar idea, so kindly keep your hands off of it. If the politics don’t cool down, I will be unemployed and in need of that kind of cash. But in the meantime, the office first aid essentials can be found in the bottom drawer of my desk – help yourself.


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I'm in. I'll do the technical stuff.