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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Ditto Dining

Have you ever been a Ditto Diner?  You know what that is – eating at the same place twice in the same day.  Ditto dining doesn’t happen often, but in my rural and restaurant-restricted corner of the world, it is always a possibility.  So last week, I was a Ditto Diner.

After a morning clinic away from the office, my co-workers and I enjoyed lunch at a favorite local place known for it’s mouth-watering menu.  Personally, I like the half-salads.  They have only half the greens but a full-salad amount of tasty toppings.  After all, lettuce can’t hold a candle to bacon…  That being said, the half Cobb salad with honey-mustard dressing was very yummy indeed.  Please see Exhibit A.

At the end of the workday, my husband and I arrived home at the same time.  I was tired and he was hungry.  Round one of Rock-Paper-Scissors determined that we were eating out rather than subsisting on cold cereal.  Round two determined he was choosing the restaurant.  And thus I became a Ditto Diner.  In and of itself, that’s not bad.  I just didn’t want to be a Ditto Diner with the same waitress.  Awkward!

While the half-salads are not to be missed, neither is breakfast.  And what is better for dinner than breakfast?  I recommend the French toast.  It comes with a little cup of fluffy butter, assorted fruity syrups, and good ol’ fashioned warm maple syrup.  Please see Exhibit B.

If you can, please try to be a Ditto Diner soon.  It is a full-filling experience.

Two items of note:  The diet Coke was simply a calorie neutralizer.  You will also notice bacon in both exhibits.  In my defense, I only ate the salad bacon.  The dog ate the entire amount of ditto dining bacon as a reward for not chewing up the car interior while she waited for her humans.