"God must love the common man, He made so many of them..." Abraham Lincoln

Friday, May 25, 2012

Memorial Day Memories

Lewisville, Idaho, is near and dear to my heart.
This little spot on the map was founded in 1882 by some intrepid pioneers, including 2 of my
several-greats-back grandfathers - Richard F. Jardine and Edmund Ellsworth.

Perhaps one of my most favorite places in this corner of the world is the Lewisville Cemetery.

When I was a kid, the whole extended family used to gather there every Memorial Day.
Everyone pitched in to decorate the graves with large bouquets of flowers.
No florist arrangements, we just brought what was blooming in the yard.

 Sweet reminiscences, funny tales, and Kleenex were generously passed around.

It sounds odd, but I love that cemetery. Some of my beloved are there.

This headstone belongs to Vilate and Elizabeth Young.
The were the oldest daughters of Brigham Young and his first wife, Miriam.
Elizabeth is my 3rd-great grandmother. She was married to Edmund Ellsworth.
She was quite a gal - courageous, outspoken, intelligent and strong.
Elizabeth and Edmund led the first handcart pioneers across the plains.
I'd like to imagine myself like her, only far more sedentary. 

Eldon and Zoe McLing were my mother's parents. And the finest grandparents in the universe.
Grandma and Grandpa didn't always like each other, but they always loved us grandkids.
Grandma taught me how to make rolls, enjoy books, and play cards.
Grandpa taught me how to fish for trout, mix up paint, and how to cheat at cards.
So many memories...

My mom, who I miss every day.
Her spaghetti was divine, but her chili...not so much.
She adored Joe Namath, Clint Eastwood, and Dad.
Mom was genuinely artistic and frequently sarcastic.
So many more memories...

By the way, she loved her little dogs - sometimes way more than she loved us kids.
I get it now.

Happy Memorial Day!