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Thursday, April 17, 2008

My Other Mother

Before I jumped into the school board campaign, I consulted my other mother, aka, mother-in-law. Let me state right now that she is NOT the melodramatic, overbearing, villainous kind of mother-in-law that haunts many a dream. She is kind, considerate, helpful, supportive and genuine. I consider her to be Mom, and since my own mother's passing, I have come to depend on her more than she will ever know.
Mom is a kindergarten teacher here in my district -- and she's fabulous! She loves her students and they love her right back. There's nothing like a heart-felt leg hug, right? Mom's students sing, gallop, write, color, read, play and learn. Her room is bright and inviting, full of wonderful things that facilitate early education. This is Mom's last year as a full-time teacher. After more than 30 years, she is retiring. Or as one student put it, she is "going out of business."
Her honest opinion about my run for a board position was really important to me. I respect her as an experienced educator. Mom listened carefully to my whys and wherefores. "Go right ahead," she said, "but know that being on the board can be great or terrible. Sometimes both in the same meeting."
Mom, you were right! It can be great. It can be terrible. It can be both in the same meeting. It can be both at the same time. Thank you for you advice, support and love. I couldn't do it without you. And the voting public.

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