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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

September 8th Board Meeting

Monday night’s meeting was a good one as meetings go. There was plenty of good discussion and more than one opinion around the table. And I must say the vice-chair did a lovely gaveling job in the chair’s absence.

So does every school board in the universe have to constantly talk about bond measures and cut scores? Yes. Sigh. It’s not that those aren’t extremely important but… I’d much rather talk with the students themselves and celebrate their accomplishments – like a good test score in a challenging class or a surprisingly successful fund raiser. But again, a sound infrastructure is essential to building individual success. Sigh again.

The board communication plan, the transportation contract, and the safety of student hearing (as in ears) were all topics of conversation. Two bangs of the gavel, one potty break and one stubborn projector later, the meeting adjourned. Check out the district’s website for the full meeting minutes minus the Jana filter…

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