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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Budget Bruises

After the last and final budget committee meeting for this year, I needed an ice bag. Two actually -- one for my head and one for my heart because both were bruised and hurting.

It's no secret that I am unhappy with next year's budget. Sigh. This is the first time since I've been on the board that it's been necessary to trim. Budgets and haircuts are a lot alike. Have you ever had a haircut you didn't like? "Trim it," you tell the stylist, "to even things out." The stylist, with all good intentions, ignores your request because he or she knows what's best. Oh sure, you get a trim alright -- but aren't one bit happy with the final look. That's me and the budget. A trim was required, requests were ignored, trimming happened, and in the end... Bad haircuts and bad budgets make me cry.

I can't help but be upset when the budget was balanced on the backs of our kindergarteners. I can't help but be upset when the budget was balanced on the sanity of our kindergarten teachers. I can't help but be upset when cuts are made to the classroom but not the administration. (with one exception) I can't help but be upset when creative options are casually dismissed. I can't help but be upset when financial cooperation doesn't happen.

So after some vigorous discussion and a split vote, the budget will now make its merry way to the board for approval. I will vote against it, but I know it's a moot point.

To any and all who are or will be adversely affected by district budget cuts, you have my most profound apologies.

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