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Monday, June 16, 2008


Congratulations Class of 2008!
Just the other day, 24 years ago, I graduated from high school. Life beyond those hallways and classrooms was unimaginable -- and then suddenly there it was! The world was wide open! What a moment!
When I graduated I had only one goal -- to be famous. I imagined my future self as a top-notch award-winning correspondent for the National Geographic. In my daydreams I would travel far and wide from the freezing north to the sub-tropical south. With my trusty typewriter ever at the ready I would cover all topics from crumbling ancient ruins to the most modern technology. As a journalist and writer I would be responsible, insightful, and grammatically correct. And best of all? I would be the darling of all future class reunions what with all of my fantastic globe-trotting tales and kick-a$$ slide show. "And now this is me with the Gondola tribe of Venice. Notice their native dress..."
I must now admit that none of it has happened. I do read National Geographic. I do have my trusty typewriter. I do consider myself to be responsible, insightful, and grammatically correct. But globe-trotting tales with an accompanying slide show? Nope. Instead I have stories about all the people I've met. Instead I have pictures of my kids. It hasn't been the way I imagined -- it's been better.
It's such an honor to hand our St. Helens High School graduates their diplomas and send them on their way to their futures. I wonder where they will go, what they will do, and who they will meet. I wonder how they will influence society and change the world. I wonder when they will have slide shows ready...

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