"God must love the common man, He made so many of them..." Abraham Lincoln

Saturday, May 2, 2009


I’ve always considered myself a writer – an unknown, undiscovered, writer. I can’t say unpublished though, but copywriting educational materials just won’t get you onto the Oprah show. Whether it’s for work or pleasure, I’m always writing. When blogging came along, I realized that I had a new outlet for all of the things that swirl through my head and emerge on paper. So I’m still unknown and undiscovered, but at least I’m on the ‘net!

My mom was very artistic in color and word. I thought I knew her as well as any daughter could know a mother. When Mom passed away, I inherited a box full of her daily journals. It wasn’t until I read them that I realized how much I didn’t know her. I didn’t know she had feelings, impressions, dreams, goals, or trials. Her journals, full of her perfect artsy penmanship, told the story of her life and it was a story I hadn’t heard before. To me, she was just Mom, the organizer and driver of the family. She was a complex, thoughtful, kind, sarcastic, and occasionally angry woman. But, Mom was a wonderful woman and I didn’t know how wonderful until it was too late.

The blog bug bit the first time last year and I’ll be darned if it didn’t bite harder the second time. I started blogging about my school board experiences in an effort to be more open with the public. You know how the public trusts elected officials! Anyway, I realized there were so many more things I wanted to blog about, but the topics just didn’t fit on the board blog. I started a second (personal) blog, but now the two are combined into one because my board seat will soon have another seat sitting in it. I decided not to run for another term. Not because of any one reason, it’s just time for someone else to take a turn.

Considering the experience I had with Mom’s journals, I decided I want my kids, my family, and my friends to know me now, not after my funeral. So please enjoy The Common Mann. Comments are always welcome and candy is most appreciated!

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